Vicious Woodchuck Attack

woodchuck A Laconia police officer was called to the municipal water-treatment facility in response to "a report of a suspicious-acting woodchuck that would not let people out of the building." The officer sized up the situation and, according to the story, "determined that the animal needed to be euthanized and tried to run it over with his cruiser."
So far, so good. Law enforcement experts will tell you, after they have had a few belts, that in a situation in which a member of the marmot family is holding people hostage in a sewage plant (in police radio code, this is known as a "10-6"), the textbook response is to drive a car over the alleged perpetrator, then, if necessary, advise it of its rights.

Unfortunately, things did not go exactly according to plan. The story quotes a plant employee as saying: "When [the officer] got out after running over [the woodchuck], I think he thought it was dead, then the thing sprung up and attacked him." At this point, the officer—and if you have never been attacked by a woodchuck, then do not second-guess this decision pulled out his 9mm hand gun and commenced firing. "We think he emptied a clip," a plant employee is quoted as saying, "but we could only find eight casings on the pavement."

The story states that during the battle, the officer, seeking to escape the woodchuck, "jumped up on the cruiser and injured his knee." Fortunately, before anybody else could be hurt, the woodchuck went to that big burrow in the sky.—source unknown